Geothermal energy

Investigations, studies, designs and tests for geothermal energy projects in Switzerland

I provide expert assistance to environmental protection officials, engineers, drilling companies and private property development clients for all types of geothermal energy installations. My particular specialist areas are thermal laboratory tests on rocks and temperature logging in boreholes and borehole heat exchangers (BHE). In collaboration with Geowatt AG, I developed and patented the wireless temperature testing sensor NIMO-T.

Borehole heat exchangers

  • Dimensioning BHE arrays with state-of-the-art software
  • Providing geological and hydrogeologial assistance
  • Assisting in artesian outflow control

Heat from ground water

  • Designing ground water wells
  • Simulating the groundwater flow by 2-D software
  • Thermal/hydraulic modelling of cold heat propagation in the ground water.
  • Assisting and evaluating pumping tests
  • Dimensioning water infiltration systems

Field measurements

  • Wireless temperature measurements using the Nimo-T sensor

    This test sensor was developed in collaboration with Geowatt AG and patented throughout Europe. This measurement technique allows measurements to be taken in water-filled borehole heat exchangers pipes that have not yet been connected to the heat pump. Undisturbed ground temperatures can then be measured to depths of up to 400m.

  • Temperature measurements in open boreholes

Thermal laboratory measurements (thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, density & porosity)

The Tk04 thermal conductivity meter is used to measure thermal conductivity on solid rock samples and drilling cuttings. The measuring equipment uses line sources in accordance with the transient states method. Measurements of thermal conductivity are required along with the specific heat capacity and the rock density/porosity for the design of geothermal systems and play an important part in the calculation of thermal insulation for buildings.

The specific heat capacity is measured with a calorimeter developed by Dr. U. Schärli at ETH Zurich. This measuring device is suitable for measurements taken on drilling cuttings.

The relevance of the density and porosity of rock samples for the thermal parameters depends on the aim of the project. They can be determined in the laboratory.